Riding school accessories and total projects at the bottom planes

DRA is known for its ground levelers, slope towing and riding equipment.

We have been active in equestrian sports for 15 years with the construction of bottom planes and Slope trails with up to now with different types including the Classic, Drilmaster, Comby Master, Jumbo Master, Trac Master The latter as a trailed version. 180, 200, 220, 250 and 275 cm with or without trailing head For every bottom the appropriate solution Sand bottom, Ep and Vloet bottom, geopad, Faybers, artificial fibers, Carpet chips, Cork bottoms, Wash bottoms, For dressage, jumping parcoers, trot and canter slopes References Sport Vlaanderen Waregem Eight years in a row also at Flanders Horse Expo Ghent, Torhoutse Ruiter school Gudrun Patteet etc.

Feel free to contact us for the possibilities at your riding school. Here a photo impression of our machines: